Explore Yourself !

Explore Yourself !!
The Mehrishi Anusandhan shall help you in understanding the body, its processes, the mind, the real meditation and the Aatma (Soul)

Vaastu (sthaan)

Vaastu (Sthaan)



Jyotish (astrology)


Yoga & Meditation




The study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies interpreted as having an influence on human affairs and the natural world.




Yoga is to be at PEACE with oneself. Peace when The Mann is not in control of the ‘ME’. There is a harmonization of the body, mind and the spirit. Yoga enables a feeling of being ‘at one’ with the environment. The practice of yoga makes the body strong and flexible; it also improves the functioning of the respiratory, circulatory, digestive, and hormonal systems. Yoga brings about emotional stability and clarity of mind. Yoga is for self-development and self-realization. The Yoga is the means and tools to realign and rebalance body on a regular basis. You take control and you can then become your body mechanic instead of having to pay someone else to do it (say, the medical professionals).


Mehrishi Anusandhan

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Param Anand

Do we really need a Guru?
Why do we need a Guru? Can we have multiple Gurus?

All these questions have answers inside us. We the living beings are in constant churning. One thought after another slides in our mind. There is a cacophony, a noise, which most of the times distract a living being. These ‘noise-of-thoughts’ make us tense, vulnerable and deviate us from our real objectives. A Guru, The Guru is the one that lights this impeding darkness, shows us the way, clear our doubts, drains out negative energies and clear path for the flow of positive thoughts.

So anyone who can clear out even a single thought/ doubt is our Guru. Yes, thus, we can have multiple Gurus’. We, as a thinking living being, needs to be a seeker all the time, taming the ever-burgeoning thoughts with inputs of wisdom. We, as a thinking being, needs to be a giver of wisdom, spreading what we have for other seekers.

The Mehrishi Anusandhan intends to be your friend, your Guru and your disciple, as learning is constant and mutual.
The Mehrishi Anusandhan intends the seeker to understand the path, the right course to an Eternal Happiness – meaning Param Anand. The Mehrishi Anusandhan shall help us in understanding the body, its processes, the mind, the real meditation and the Aatma (soul)

Param Anand

Mann Ek Khoj

The Journey towards Param Anand

Mann is the inner voice, the conscience.
Heart, desire, psyche, or Mann is an inner voice that affects Mind. It is a FEELING that many times drives decision making.
So why we do not find The Mann in a constant state ?
Our Mann is basically a mixture of three fundamental properties, Gunas – Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas.
Sattva – is balance factor. It perceives the truth. It leads to purity, knowledge and Happiness (aanand).
Rajas – is speed factor. It results in Action, service, pursuit and inconstancy.
Tamas – is a negative factor. It is the cause of passiveness, maniac behaviour , delusion and mistakes.

Sattva leads to rising above self, towards generosity and towards mercy and forgiveness. Rajas factor leads to greed, anger, lust. And lethargies’, hallucinations, inactiveness results from the Tamas factor. So Sattva substances takes us towards good, charity and virtue i.e. punya, Rajas leads us to immorality and misdeeds i.e. paap . It’s the Tamas factor, which is neither paap nor punya but that which destroys the life.
When we understand Mann it becomes easy for any living and thinking soul to move towards the real happiness… the Param Aanand.
When a ‘practitioner of life’ understands with his experience that his Atman, his body and mann are not in consonance he becomes passionate, his desires emanates… This desire is Vaasna… which is passion going in wrong direction.
Inside our physical body is an analytical and fine Mann. This physical materialistic body is a cover for the Mann, thence an effect/pressure/malady on one affects the other. Have You now realise that why do we say – I am not feeling well or aaj mera mann kharab hai? Things like stress, disease; happiness affects both the body and the mann.
Behind Mann is Atman… the real person. Yes atman is the true self. The external body and the mann are negative, the Atman is pure, divine, positive. As ir commonly believed, thus, Mann and the atman are pure different things.

Positive and Negative in terms of Atman and Mann

“Mann ke hare haar hai, mann ke jeete jeet”

What is universe? What is the cosmos? It’s a vibrant Group of Stars. These stars, the Sun being one, have enabled the existence of a World. And in this world for the existence of living beings we have the Earth. The earth gives and provides for life based on these constellations of stars and planets.
There are around 27 constellations and 9 planets. To go deep we classify the Universe, the nature Prakriti in 5 tatvas which symbolises the quality in our senses and in the world – the Prithvi (Earth), the Apas (Water), the Tejas (Fire), the Vayu(Air) and the Akasha (Sky).
These 5 tatvas – Prithvi, Apas, Tejas, Vayu and Akasha – can only unite with some efforts and push, which the Gunas/qualities of Sattva, Rajas & Tamas characterise.
And, zooming further, all these activities in the universe can be classified into two flows- The Positive and The Negative. Both these energy flows make the working of this Universe.
The Universe is said to be run by the God, the Supreme (we have different names for Him). The Nature/ Prakriti, and the Life unite to to give birth to a living body and soul which is governed by the Positive and the negative energy flows.

When the curd is churned, what happens? Its inner fine part, the ghee/butter, comes on the surface. Similarly when the grain is eaten its fine part comes on the core surface its your Mann – which is thus ‘Annmay’; the inner fine part of water that comes to the fore is Life, the praan, therefore the Life is ‘jalmay’; and that which come on the surface due to the energy churning is the Vaani, which is thus ‘tejmay’

What is Mann ?

To understand Mann means to understand self. Finding one self, ME, is Param Anand.

This Mann, made of fine transparent atoms, is most near to the Atman. It can be considered to be fundamentally the inside of the Atman. Mann has no life of its own; no light of its own, it takes the light of consciousness from the Atman. Similarly the superficial, the external is ignited and lighted by the Mann. Thus the Mann appears to be the source of light, the guiding factor, which in the true sense is not. Mann has no knowledge of its own, it just our thinking that our Mann is all knowledge, that every thought is coming from it. But Mann is only the messenger of the knowledge, the learning and the guiding light.
The Mann is different from our nerves, the organic/perceptible/sensual organs and the body. Mann is the inner fine part that can enable a living being to think, have will power, imagination, memory, feel of happiness and sadness.
The Mann thinks that happiness is in this physical, materialistic world. Thats the reason why everyone is in pursuit of materialistic happiness. This is pursuit of fake, meaningless, erroneous happiness. This happiness shall not go with self beyond this superficial world. In spite of this hollow running around for false sense of happiness the Mann is interested in materialistic pursuits and diverts us towards it. The Mann has to be controlled. Yoga saadhna, Pranayaam, naturopathy are some elements that helps in controlling and giving true direction towards true spiritual happiness, that is long lasting, that is the Param Anand.

The ME, The MANN & The ATMAN

To understand Mann means to understand self. Finding one self, ME, is Param Anand.

The Happiness or the Param Ananda lies in spirituality. Its not renouncing the world, become aloof, go in jungles and leaving the family. The Happiness lies in Understanding of the Self.

We are in a materialistic Universe, which have the world, the world have ME. The adhyatm, spirituality, defines ME. ME is comprised of the Bhagya (destiny), Karma (our actions) and Sthana (place) which decides our role in this materialistic world, it decides our true Happiness. If among the three- Bhagya, Karma & Sthana- anything is not in order it shall lead to stress, unhappiness, pressure and sacrilege.

Look around your world. It is tense. There is Conflicts all around, deaths all around. Peace is inside each one of us. Whether one is a priest or a terrorist , it has the potential to be at peace with himself and the surrounding world. The answer to all violence is in knowing the real ME’. Attaining Param Ananda is a possibility for all.

The path of True Happiness is identification of the ME, the MANN and the ATMAN.

The path of attaining spirituality in this world lies through:
• Yoga & Meditation
• Naturopathy
• Jyotish (astrology) &
• Vaastu (sthaan)

Everyone is in pursuit of happiness, whatever he do is for attaining this happiness. There is a fight for happiness. Thus its important that every soul on this earth understands the real meaning of Happiness and the path to its attainment. Happiness or Aanand also means the Bhagwana, God, Supreme the Creator. Attaining level of Param Aanand is every thinking lives on going pursuit. The chariot taking us towards this target of True Happiness is controlled by the Atman, with the Mann being the strings.
Since our Mann is not in our control we are loosing the direction and not been able to reach our destination- the state of True Happiness.